Je ne suis qu'une vermine bourrée d'esthétique. Rien de plus.


Blue world

This amazing image is part of a series of maps in a manuscript from the 1460s. What is striking is not just that we can so clearly recognize Europe, Asia and Africa, but that these continents are depicted so incredibly beautifully, in deep blue and gold. The map seems to float in space and above it various winds are blowing, produced by men with toy trumpets. Clouds are quietly drifting by. Who can resist jumping in and becoming part of this intoxicating blue world?

Pic: New York, Public Library, MS 87 (15th century). More blue maps from this book here.

enterprisingyounglady said: First name: Carla | Nickname: Carla ?? | Gender: female | Sexual Orientation: women and akashi | Relationship status: single | Likes: akamido, rice krispies, red meat, cersei, also other things | Dislikes: many things | Random fact: has an intense aversion to redemption arcs and spiders (how did i dooo)

you did perfectly 8/8 
i like that there are recurring trends re: akamido, spiders, me disliking too many things to list, me being bi for akashi
and yeah i don’t actually have a nickname lol carlita is a carla bruni joke
thank you friend!! ^__^

roseydoux said: First Name: Carla, Nickname: Carlita :P Gender: Female, Sexual Orientation: girls with the occasional anime guy thrown in, RS status: single but looking for a spider killer, Likes: Akimodo, Indian food, steak dinners, american style breakfast, etc.... Dislikes: too many to list here, Random Fact: At one point during your childhood, you were deathly afraid of clocks and the passing of time.

8/8 you know me too well (you’re the only person who calls me carlita still tho lol)
i am O U T R A G E D that you didn’t include rice krispies in my likes tho, rice krispies are my one and only weakness. but well you included akamido so i guess it makes up for it shrugs
thanks friend

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Iselin Steiro in Antidote S/S 2014: The Romance Issue by Cuneyt Akeroglu

"The problem is no longer getting people to express themselves, but providing little gaps of solitude and silence in which they might eventually find something to say. Repressive forces don’t stop people from expressing themselves, but rather, force them to express themselves. What a relief to have nothing to say, the right to say nothing, because only then is there a chance of framing the rare, or ever rarer, the thing that might be worth saying."

Gilles Deleuze, “Mediators” (via allisonburtch)


Bust of Juliette Récamier (back view) by Joseph Chinard,
J. Paul Getty Museum

"The city’s a heart, I said, and in that a heart and a city were sutured into a third thing, a heartish city, and cities are heart-stained, and hearts are city-stained too."

China Miéville, Embassytown (via cadairs)